About Us

The Story Behind Carla's Creations & Carla's True South BBQ Sauce

 Let me introduce myself to those of you I have not been blessed to meet  yet. My name is Carla McAuliffe & I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. I  learned young, the importance of love, morals and respect in every  aspect of my life (family, friends & business). Let's not forget  about having "FUN"  & enjoying what you do too.

Like so many other women who create things, people were always telling me...

"You should have your own business doing that."

"It's so much better than that other stuff, why aren't you selling it?"

And the famous...

"I'm gonna kick your be-hind if you don't do something with that!"

After 8 years of family, friends and neighbors begging for more sauce,  sharing new things to try it on and prompting me to get it on the  market. "I just did it!"

My 2 boys are my greatest initiators by telling me..."How do you expect  us to learn to be successful if you don't show us how? (Ouch!)

So here I am, meeting and selling my sauce to all you fine people.  Seeing your smiles & raised eyebrows as you taste it for the first  time always touches my heart. I'm also moved by those of you that walk  away after tasting it or say I don't like BBQ sauce - take 20 or steps  away and then return for a jar saying..."that has the most wonderful  aftertaste".

I look forward to bringing you many new CREATIONS so keep you eyes open  and your taste buds ready. And always know that everything is made with  love!

BBQ sauce is a very personal thing & I thank you for letting my family be on your family's shelves.