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Best awesome sauce ever 5 *****

" I grew up in Memphis TN myself ... Not saying Carla's sauce is the best ever just because I also went to the same high school as she did ...  I've had plenty of good ole Memphis River Fest BBQ in my day but none that says real Southern Smiles to my taste buds like her Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce ... That has to be my favorite ... Her other three are most definitely by far the best I've tasted as well... Folks just simply can't go wrong with Carla's True South BBQ Sauces ... Don't know how she did it but if anybody could it would be Carla and she did !!! Make yo tounge slap yo brains out and holler Hi Dee Ho !!! Umm Umm Good !!! Big Ole Southern Smiles ...  

Thnx Carla ... JDSides , Water Valley Ms " July 2018


Carla I was introduced to your sauce by a friend who brought me a small jar. I was very weary of using that jar of BBQ sauce and in fact I put it up in my cabinet with know intention of using it at all. One day I had a situation when I was baking chicken intending to add BBQ sauce and when looking in my cabinet for the brand I usually use I could not find it just your sauce. Well after using your sauce, you know the rest is history "YOUR SAUCE IS THE Bomb GIRL," "NO SAUCE IS BETTER Period"!!!!! I have been looking all over for your sauce I don't even want BBQ anything without your sauce It's the best I have ever tasted. Now that I have find out where to purchase your sauce I will always buy and use it tell the day I die. I am working on opening my own restaurant soon and would love to use your famous sauce for my ribs and chicken. Please send me a message for the future of this happening God Bless you Carla your sauce is truly the best I have ever tasted.

Christopher B (Boynton Bch, FL) Florida Meals

Sweet Heat Great on Berkshire Pork Chops

Sauce arrived today. Tried it on a Berkshire pork chop, and it was great. Have to try it on chicken next.

Owen, Phoenix MD  - July 2018

I'm In Love

My husband has been adddicted to Burn Your Goozle!   After meeting you I tried the mayo.  Now I'm in love!  For a non French fry eater, I can eat 2/3 of they tray with this mayo while waiting for the rest of dinner preparation and not even need dinner anymore. 

Kathy B. (Lake Worth, FL)


Best sauce in a jar EVER!!!  I missed your tasting event at the new Luckys but I'm delighted that I picked it off the shelf..

Grace S. 

Wasn't a BBQ fan till now!

Let me start off by saying I’m really not a BBQ fan my husband is.  I guess I just never found one that I really liked. Yesterday while shopping at Lucky’s Market in Clermont we went over to their display so my husband could give them a try and I wound up given the sweet heat a try.  Well let me tell you I loved it and am so looking forward to making something with it. Not to mention I gave it 2 more taste tests when we got home.  I also loved the Mayo.  We came home with two SH and a mayo so if you’re like me and not really a BBQ fan I dare you to try it - I’m glad I did. Thanks again

Peggy M. (Clermont FL)

Called direct to ge a big tub!

I called Carla direct to get a BIG TUB of this GREAT Sauce.....I've had many, from Texas to Louisiana to Arizona and New Mexico, but this is the Best I have ever had! TRY IT!!!! Put this on ANYTHING! Pork, Chicken Beef or Fish! Breakfast too, with a Carla BBQ Hash Brown and Ham Stuffed Omelette!!!! Best you'll ever have!

Glenn H. (Margate FL)

SWEET HEAT gr8 on pintos!!!!!

Tommy W. Fort Mills, SC

2 down - Going back for more

Met Carla at the Opening of Luckys Market in Sarasota Florida. It opened to Friends and family Monday night Oct.9 today is the 12th of October and I have already used 2 jars and gone back for more...THANKS CARLA

Trish (Sarasota)

Your "Go to" Sauce

When you want to make anything that involves BBQ -  your go to sauce must be Carla's True South BBQ Sauce.

Alfred L. (Coral Springs, FL)

Sweet Heat is the Best

Your Sweet Heat is the best BBQ sauce and your May-O.M.G. with grilled BBQ shrimp is devine.

Chef Alberto M.

You'll be Hooked

Sooooooo yummy!! Had to sit down first thing this morning and write Miss Carla an email saying how much we loved these yourself a huge favor and get some, you'll be hooked!

Tracie OG

Didn't like BBQ Sauce before this!


I am not a big fan of BBQ sauce but this is truly different. I used it on baby back ribs the other night and have not stopped using it since. The flavor is fantastic. Just as it said, its Sweet and Smokey. I find myself taking some bread and dipping it in the sauce as a snack. Thank You Carla. Everyone loves it at the hospital. 

Donna (RN in Coral Springs)

Linda Love's it on everything


My husband & I tried this sauce at my sisters home in Boca Raton, Fla. We fell in love with it. Had it on chicken, hamburgers (instead of ketchup), mashed potatoes, green veggies, and spaghetti instead of pasta sauce. Loved it on everything so far, so we ordered a case and it's being shipped up to us in NC as I write this. Can't wait to marinade steaks, chicken and fish in the sauce, and we’ll even be adding to my famous version of Sheppard's Pie. My friends prefer it my way better than in the Irish restaurants. And I'm not Irish! Just love it! 

Linda (North Carolina)

I will never ever!!!!

I will never ever!!!! Ever ever ever buy another BBQ sauce. This is the best sauce you’ll ever have.  And I can’t say enough about meeting Carla McAuliffe the owner. What an amazing lady. I can’t wait till she’s back in Sarasota

 (Robbie Sarasota)


I got my kids to eat vegetables and fish. Enough said.

Kathy W. (Florida Keys mom)

Never eat pizza without it!

 “OMG! I’ll never eat pizza without it again! My friends love having pizza at my house. They always ask where I get the pizza . It doesn’t matter where I get it from as long as I add Carla’s magic sauce.. They don’t know that I put it on myself and I’m not telling”.     

Tara L. (Coral Springs student)

Absolutely LOVE the May-O-M-G! 

BBQ Sauce is also awesome!

Sandra K.

This sauce is just crazy good

This sauce is just crazy good. Sweet heat is my favorite. This has become my new go to sauce for all my smoked and BBQ food. Im so glad i stopped at her table at the Lucky's grand opening in Oakland Park. Just can not say enough about this and dont get me started on the Spicey Mayo!.

Donna S. (Oakland Park, FL)


I got my kids to eat vegetables and fish. Enough said.

Kathy W. (Florida Keys mom)  

What an exciting venture, today! Went to Penn Dutch, to buy Carla's barbeque sauce, and guess who I met???? Ready??? Wanna guess? CARLA! Right, the founder, the owner, the maker, the loved one!!!! Are u kiddin' me??? What a joy, to see the face, on the bottle! Just as sweet, and the sauce!! Bring on, da Carla!!! More exciting to use, knowing the passion....involved in making me.....a preferred customer!!!! Carla??? You Rock!!!! love, Mona

Mona (Margate, FL)

I have always thought I did not like BBQ

I am so happy I found Carla and her Sweet & Smokey BBQ sauce.  I have always thought I did not like BBQ sauce because they have alway been too sweet and gooey sticky.  Boy, was I surprised and I am so glad I tried it.  It is delicious.  It is not overly sweet.  I just ordered the more of the Sweet & Smokey and also ordered he Sweet Heat and Burn your Goozle because I like spicy.  I can't wait to try them.  And, the personal touch in speaking with Carla was very special.  Thanks Carla.  I will tell you what my favorite will be but I have a feeling i will like them all.

Diane C

The OMG Mayo

The omg mayo and the spicy bbq are so good!! So glad we got to meet you today at luckys market your so sweet and your sauces are amazing!

Tia B


Hi Carla, Just spoke with you on the phone. My sister was visiting from Illinois and fell in love with your MAY-O.M.G. I will be sending her 2 jars and also picking up another jar for myself. Delicious! I’ve read the comments on your Bar-B-Q sauce and just might have to try that, too. I, too, am not a big fan of BBQ sauce but so many are raving about it who have my same sentiments, it must be out of this world.  Beverly H.

Love Love Love

Just love, love, love your Sweet Heat.  I missed your tastings but was looking for something different when I found you on the shelf at the new Luckys.  The jar is almost empty.  I'll be back to Luckys tomorrow.  Best sauce from a jar EVER!!!

Grace S. Coral Springs, FL



Carla, I met you today in the Keys and not only is your sauce wonderful so is your music!  . It made our day!!

Betsi NS

Simply the best!!!!

Simply the best!!!! Not exaggerating!!!

Tatiana G

We bought both!

Myself and my husband went to Luckys today
We tried your Sweet Heat and your Spicy Mayo. We bought both!
And what an amazing singer to boot.        Thank you

Denise W.

Best sauce in a jar EVER!!!

Best sauce in a jar EVER!!!  I missed your tasting event at the new Luckys but I'm delighted that I picked it off the shelf..

Grace S.